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Yoga classes

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Yoga classes

from 80 PLN

A schedule:

  1. Yoga for beginners– step by step instructions for persons who want to start their adventure with yoga.
  2. Creating good movement patters with basic asanas which prepare your body for correct movements in accordance with anatomy.
  3. Core muscle strengthening with specific asanas aimed to shape deep muscles of the body which give a proper shape.
  4. Yoga after a hard day. Practising yoga after a long and tiring day is calm, focuses on the body parts which are often overstretched.
  5. Yoga for your inner body and mind peace. The aim of the activities is to find an inner balance. The exercises help to get rid of tension.
  6. Yoga instead of coffee. Perfect in the morning as well as at the other times of a day. It gives a lot of energy and adrenalises.
  7. Yoga for the flexibility of your hips, spine and legs. It is perfect after sitting a lot in a car or at a desk.
  8. Yoga for sedentary lifestyle and those who need to move. It allows to unstiffen your muscles and brings your whole body to life.
  9. Gentle exercises for your legs and hips. A calm workout focused on your joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones.
  10. Yoga for flexibility to unstiffen your hips and extend joint spaces..
  11. Gentle Yoga Slow Flow. The asanas chosen to listen to your body needs. A calm breath and long relaxation cause an inner state of flow, relaxation and a space in your muscles.
  12. Yoga for stress– Stress cumulates in our body and does not go away, that is why practising yoga regenerates. It offers a holistic view at your body needs. A breath- you will learn to observe your way of breathing, make your breathing efficient to calm down your nervous system; a body- you will do asanas which decrease tension in those body parts which are especially susceptible to stress; mind- a specially prepared form of relaxation to let you feel utterly relaxed.
  13. Recovery yoga- perfect for a recovery after an illness or stress to calm down your body and mind. Ideal, mild practice for mood problems or lowered physical condition.
  14. Harmony and space- a yoga exercises to improve a whole body. The main goal is to make your movements soft and to find a space in your body. Good for every stage of advancement and for those who suffer from permanent muscle tension.
  15. Yoga to improve your mood– asanas chosen carefully to improve your digestion system, massage your liver to make you feel much better.
  16. Yoga for your spine– a yoga session with asanas to relax and stretch muscles such as: iliolumbar, piriformis, quadrates lumborum, erector spinae.
  17. Yoga to activate your whole body – a practice to awaken your whole body. It will help to stretch shoulders, a spine, hips and learn to breathe properly.
  18. Yoga to get rid of muscle tension– a yoga session to improve your tones in sacrolumbar section.
  19. Yoga to enlarge your lung capacity– it allows you to stretch your chest and backward curvature.
  20. Yoga for pelvis and hips muscles– a sequence of yoga to activate and flex pelvis and hips muscles.
  21. Yoga for good sleep– the activity to clear your mind and stretch tired muscles.
  22. Spring awakening with yoga– a yoga session to fill you with energy and let you feel the power in your body.


  • Learn proper movement patters
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Improve fascia functioning
  • Relax tension in the body
  • It will ease the existing tensions in the body
  • it reduces the existing stress and improves the quality of sleep
  • She gets a sense of body and mind awareness
  • It will increase the quality of your positive well-being
  • It will increase the value of self-esteem
  • It will improve the psychophysical condition

Price list:

  • Individual activity- 150 zl/60 minutes
  • Group activity, minimum 2 persons- 80 zl/person/60 minutes

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