Rules and regulations in Dworek Polski guesthouse

§1 Subject of regulations

  1. The hotel regulations state the rules of services offered by the guesthouse. They regulate responsibility and staying in the guesthouse; regulations are an integral part of the contract which the Guest accepts by signing a check-in card as well as by booking or paying an advance, doing a pertly or full payment for the stay or the use of services offered by the guesthouse. By doing the above the Guest confirms that he/she accepts conditions of the guesthouse regulations on behalf of himself/herself and his/her companions.
  2. Regulations apply to all Guests in Dworek Polski guesthouse.

§2 A room night

  1. Room is rented for a room night.
  2. A room night in the guesthouse starts at 15.00 on the day of arrival and finishes at 11.00 on the next day.
  3. Phe guesthouse will accept the Guest’s request to prolong his/her stay if vacant rooms are available.

§3 Booking and check-in

  1. All Guests of the guesthouse and their companions are obliged to check-in. Upon check-in the guest is required to present his/ her ID document with a photo and sign the guesthouse registration card. In case of refusal to show an ID document the guesthouse reception desk may refuse to issue a room key and sign a hotel contract.
  2. Booking is successfully done at the time of paying a 30 % advance of the value of the stay. The advance should be transferred into the guesthouse bank account within 3 days from the moment of pre-booking.
  3. A paid advance will not be returned. It is possible to make of It in other time if the reservation is  cancelled 14 days before arrival.
  4. Payment for the stay should be settled on the day of arrival or at time stated with reception desk.
  5. In the event of the Guest’s renouncement from stay during the booked period, the guesthouse will not reimburse the Guest.
  6. Guests shall announce the request of the extension of their stay beyond the period declared on arrival at the reception desk until 9.00 on the day on which the stay expires.
  7. The case of not leaving the room by the Guest until 11.00 will be considered as extension of the stay for a following night.
  8. he case of the Guest’s not checking-in until 21.00 will be considered as withdrawal and allows the possibility of renting the room to another Guest, unless otherwise stated.
  9. A delay on the day of arrival or cutting the stay by the Guest than previously booked does not equal a payment reduction for the service.
  10. Transferring a room to third parties by the Guest is forbidden.
  11. In the event of renting the guesthouse exclusively, maximum of 16 persons may stay in the guesthouse (only persons who had checked-in).
  12. All the guests are kindly asked to respect quiet hours between 22.00 and 6.00.

§4 Services

  1. The guesthouse shall provide services in accordance with its category and standard. In case of complaints regarding the quality of service the Guest is kindly asked to report them to the reception desk as soon as possible which will allow us to respond immediately.
  2. Exchange of towels according to standard *** every three days or more often at the Guest’s request for extra charge.
  3. Guests have a possibility to order meals.
  4. Guests may use a closed car park and a garden lot free of charge.
  5. Guests are not allowed to play loud music after 22.00 when using a garden lot (a bonfire, a barbecue).
  6. Children under the age of three, who sleep in bed with their parents-50% of the price per night.

§5 Guest’s liability

  1. The Guest assumes full financial liability for any type of damage or destruction to the guesthouse fittings or technical equipment caused through the fault of the Guest. The following amounts for damage caused by the Guest or for breaching the guesthouse regulations are as stated: a) A pet on the guesthouse premises – 300 zl. b) Introducing into the guesthouse hazardous loads or substances forbidden by law regulations- 1000 zl, c) violation of quiet hours or behaviour which disturbs other Guests- 500 zl, d) Presence of persons who are not checked-in in the guesthouse- 150 zl/person, e) Flooding a room due to not shutting the windows or turning off taps- 900 zl, In the event when a financial penalty will not cover the costs of loss which the Guest is liable for or in the event of extraordinary damage not stated in this paragraph the guesthouse has a right to charge the Guest with compensation up to the price of the inflicted damage.
  2. The Guest is obliged to shut the door and windows, switch off the lights, turn off TV and taps and check if the door is locked every time he/she leaves the room.
  3. Smoking in rooms, halls, staircase is prohibited. Violation of the prohibition is subject to a disinfection fee of 600 zl.
  4. For reasons of fire safety regulations it is prohibited to use in rooms electric irons, immersion heaters and other electric devices which are not part of a room equipment.
  5. The guesthouse may refuse to accept a Guest who during any previous stay violated the guesthouse regulations causing damage to the guesthouse or other guest’s property or damage relating to the Guests themselves, the guesthouse staff or caused any other form of disturbance..
  6. The guesthouse has the right to discontinue providing accommodation service that has already been paid in case of a Guest who behaves aggressively, is under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants or violates the guesthouse regulations in other disorderly conduct. A stay which has been discontinued for one of the above reasons will not be reimbursed. A Guest violating the guesthouse regulations should be informed about possible consequences of his/her misbehaviour. The rule applies to a Guest’s behaviour which is against principles of community life, too.
  7. Guests receive at their disposal room keys, side entrance keys which shall be returned on the day of departure. Guests use the side entrance/exit through staircase beyond Reception desk working hours.
  8. The Guest will be charged 50 zł for losing the room keys.

§6 Miscellaneous

  1. Animals are not accepted in the guesthouse.
  2. The guesthouse is oriented for adults and children over the age of 8, with the exception of renting the guesthouse exclusively.
  3. Guests are not allowed to put out of the bar or the restaurant dishes, food or other guesthouse properties as well as consume their private food, drinks and alcohol.
  4. In common areas of the guesthouse it is banned to consume food and alcohol which was not purchased in the guesthouse.

We wish you a nice stay

Dworek Polski guesthouse
Justyna Rumińska